Baby Registry Checklist: 8 Things You May Not Know You Need

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baby registry checklist

Creating a Baby Registry Checklist

When I was pregnant I had a blast reviewing baby checklists and creating my baby registry. I was on that sucker everyday (okay… so maybe it became somewhat of an obsession… eee)! But it was really hard for me to grasp my mind around the fact that I was going to have a baby. I hadn’t held a baby since I was seven, so I didn’t know the first thing to expect or think about it. But for some reason, of all things, creating my baby shower registry sunk that reality in the best.

Through looking and researching every product I could think of, I started imagining what it’d be like to use them with my little baby (we decided not to find out his sex until birth, so, let’s just say that my imagination-baby took on many shapes and sizes). And to be honest, there is just SO much cuteness out there, I couldn’t contain myself! But I got caught up on all the big stuff that babies need like the swing, the diaper bag, the stroller, etc. These things without a doubt are totally necessary and should be put on your registry, but I was so far off in mommy la-la-land that I forgot to ask for the things that you don’t find on the front page of Babies R Us ads (R.I.P. Babies R Us). The real things that will save your butt when you need it most.

So… I thought I’d share some important things that I believe you will need on your baby checklist that you’ll use in your day-to-day mommy life. My little man’s only three months and 1 week old, so we’re still adding things to this list, no doubt, but as of yet here they are:


1. Nose Aspirator

Who would have guessed…. babies have boogers. Lots of boogers. And their boogers don’t discriminate. They come in various sizes and colors. But from my experience? They appear waaay up their tiny little nostrils, so far back that it’s impossible for your monstrous finger to get it.

Now Isaac is a booger factory. It seems like he’s always got some kind of stuff up there. I say he’s started his own business and he’s mass producing it or something! For days upon days his little nose sounded wheezy. I thought he was just a permanently congested little guy, but one day as he was sleeping I saw it. What appeared to be a tiny booger that was moving to the rhythm of his breathing in the back of his nose. I thought it’d be fine, until a day or so later, his other nostril got one. I had to do something.

This is where the nose aspirator came in and saved the day.

So, basically you stick one end into their nose, and from the other end you suck that baby out. Don’t you worry, there’s a foamy piece that blocks the booger from flying to the back of your throat. But let me tell you, you have got to inhale with quite the fury in order to get any boogers out. So, once I did this, what appeared to be a tiny booger turned out to be a massive contraption. I would have never known his little nose could contain such gigantic things.

This is the nose aspirator you seriously cannot go without! I promise it’s designed so you’ll never eat your baby’s boogers lol 


2. Forehead Thermometer

After coming home from the hospital with Isaac, my husband and I were addicted to the forehead thermometer. We trust in the sovereignty of God, but in our imperfection I can’t lie that we were somewhat worry-warts for the first two weeks. I think it must’ve been something one of the nurses had said after he was born that freaked us out, but we were popping that thing out, and hovering it over his head at least… 10 times a day. It got serious!

The nice thing about the forehead thermometer though, at least the one we have, is that you don’t have to rest it on their skin to get an accurate reading, which is nice when you’ve got a squirming little baby. And it isn’t an anal thermometer either (the recommended thermometer by doctors), which is nice because…. well, yeah.

This forehead thermometer can also be used in-ear, which is great! Don’t forget to add it to your baby checklist!

3. Baby Nail Cutters

Babies nails might seem thin and fragile, but let me tell you, they are fierce. Our son’s nails grow with a vengeance. It’s as if we cut them Monday and by Wednesday they’re back and ready to wreak havoc on mommy and daddy. So, rather than suffering through it, do yourself a favor and get some nail clippers and cut those puppies off. Baby doesn’t need to scratch you or themselves. An unarmed baby is a good baby! 😉

FridaBaby to the rescue again with these useful suckers!

4. Gathre Changing Pad

Not many people know about the brand Gathre, but let me say, if you don’t, you should. Gathre is a company that makes mini changing pads (and bigger products) out of a slab of leather. The leather is nice and thin so it’s easy to fold up into your purse, your diaper bag, etc.

What’s even nicer? To clean it, you just wipe it clean! Having a changing table is nice and all, but from my own personal experience, I hardly change my baby on the changing table. The changing table is stationary, and I’m too lazy to make my way to it every time my son poops or pees (like 50 times a day!). Where my little leather changing pad? It goes where I go. I can literally fold it and stuff it in my pocket. Ladies. Trust me, just put it on your baby checklist/registry. It’s one of the best $20 you’ll spend!

You can check them out here.


5. Teething Mittens/Toys

I didn’t know teething started so early. Our son is only 3 months, and he really started the process at about 2 months. He hasn’t gotten any teeth in yet or anything, but we have entered into the life of teething, for sure.

Now, you want to be prepared when this stage comes upon you. At first, I hadn’t known that we arrived. I just thought he was being a little more fussy than usual. His diaper would be changed, he’d be fed, burped and all, yet he was still upset. It wasn’t until my mom was feeding him that she brilliantly thought to rub the bottle nipple on his gums. It was as if he was in a trance. Ever since then we’ve invested in some teething tools! My suggestion to you is to start out fully equipped because you just never know when teething will begin!

Here’s a few teething toys my son went to town on:

6. Hand/Body Wipes

I like cheese. I really do. My favorite is Brie. Brie with jam. Very delicious. What isn’t delicious is hand and neck cheese. Our son doesn’t literally have cheese growing on his hands and neck, but it sure smells like it sometimes.

Because he keeps his hands in fists for most of the day, and because his neck, at the moment, is pretty much nonexistent and covered in rolls (love it), any kind of moisture can begin to give off a cheesy smell after a little while. It’s very easy to miss a bit of milk dripping from their mouths down into their neck as their being bottle-fed, so it’s important (as my mom says) to take a moist, warm cloth and wipe baby’s hands and neck down daily. Sometimes even a thorough bath leaves his hands/neck smelling clean, with a slight hue of cheese, so it’s important to stay on it and keep at it. I’ve learned to love his little cheese smell, I even find it cute, but for the sake of his hygiene and health, it’s important to keep baby clean.

I personally use Seventh Generation’s wipes, and I highly recommend them!

7. Interactive Play Mat

I discounted a lot of the different baby gear out there. As an inexperienced mother, I assumed a lot of it wouldn’t be effective, and I assumed that to be the case with the interactive play mat. I assumed, a baby laying on their back staring up at some dangling things would not cut it. And at first, it didn’t.

Our son would sit under the flashing lights and hanging friends for 5-minutes and get upset. I was convinced it was a waste of time. I only needed patience, because about a month later he loved it! Today he likes going on his play mat at least twice a day and sometimes he’ll be there for nearly 30-minutes just talkin’ and having a blast. I have been given many hours of time to run and switch the laundry over, make myself some lunch, or get some work done thanks to this mat! You just have to get one! 🙂


Here are some fun and affordable options:

8. Blankets on Blankets on Blankets

I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of baby blankets I received at my baby shower. I felt like I could have opened a blanket store with as many blankets as I got. But let’s just say, I didn’t know then, what I know now. I’m not sure if it’s because he was born just in time for chilly Fall, or if this is true for all seasons, but GOOD GRIEF! I am so thankful I received all the blankets I did and I’ve even had to buy a few more! So ladies, if you get mountains of blankets at your baby shower, you better hold off on opening up your own blanket store and instead stock those babies up! Trust me, you’re going to need it sister!

Since baby shouldn’t necessarily sleep with fluffy blankets for awhile, here’s some swaddle/thin blanket options:


In the end…

Having a well-rounded baby registry checklist is so important. It saves you time later on, and potentially even money (because if you put these on your baby registry, you don’t have to pay for them!). So, I hope that these few items prove to be helpful to you in your motherhood journey and useful for baby. Wishing you all the best mama!

In All Honesty,
Vanessa Audrey

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