My Story

Years ago some lady thought it was a great idea to lay a sleeping baby in my pre-pubescent arms. After about two minutes the baby woke up – holding babies ain’t easy now. This baby and I made eye contact and I instantly knew that they knew that I had no idea what I was doing. Needless to say, that baby made sure everybody knew it. From that day on, I never held a baby again. Literally. I was deathly afraid of children and I avoided them at all costs. Yet, here I am all these years later – God allowed me of all people to become a mother.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve come to realize that this once baby-illiterate woman named me is now crazy passionate about everything children. Things that get me pumped and super passionate… they pretty much all have to do with kids – go figure. Now, I’m by no means a super mom – talk about chaos and disorganized. At times I am like… way in over my head. But, everyday I’m learning, I’m growing, I’m showing myself grace and praying for some kind of daily Christmas miracle because #thestruggleisreal

My goal with this place is to really come alongside mothers everywhere, whether you’re expecting your first child and you have not the first clue about anything baby, or you’ve been at this motherhood gig for years. I want to meet you where you are, encourage you and add value to your life. So, please, connect with me, reach out, ask questions, comment on and share posts – Let’s get this friendship rolling!

A little about me, present day:

  • I had a super easy pregnancy – minus the swollen elephant feet
  • Old houses are my jam – literally I make songs about them cause they make me so happy!
  • I am not a pet-person – sorry all you pet-lovers, I cannot relate – eek!
  • I sing and I write music – you can check out my YT page right hurr
  • I’m a craft-er – meaning I go ham on a particular craft for a few months… then I get bored & move on to the next
  • I used to be a shopaholic – but ya girl is finally sober – on my first capsule wardrobe ya’ll
  • I am also now into shopping exclusively for ethical, sustainable and fair-trade clothing – because people matter
  • Squirrels are my jam – but I love chipmunks more (they’re so cute)
  • If you know any of my friends, they call me “poop lady” cause I like to joke about poop (hello dirty diapers)
  • Finally, I’m married to the best man on earth (bias much?) and mama to the wildest child that ever lived (no exaggerations here)

My name is Vanessa; I’m a Christian, I’m a wife, I’m a mama, I’m a craft-er.
And I have a confession… I have no idea what I’m doing.

In All Honesty,
Vanessa Audrey

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Photo cred: Of His Fold Photography